Even though the official NoFGM Ribbon is in the form of the Arabic word for "no", it can be represented as an upside down awareness ribbon in dark blue - if you order an awareness ribbon, please remember to flip it upside down when you wear it! Check back here for more designs to come.

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There are plenty ways to create your own NoFGM Ribbon to wear and share!

  • Make your own NoFGM Ribbon by folding a dark blue strip of ribbon or paper over itself and fastening it with a pin to your clothes or bag or other visible accessory - just make sure it's upside down!

  • Create your own digital designs with our free vector. The NoFGM Ribbon is part of the public domain and free for you to use far and wide! You can also download any of the free designs on our home page to share across your social media.

  • Paint the ribbon or draw it outside with blue chalk where everyone can see it.

  • Print off the ribbon at home to create a stencil out of cardboard or vinyl so you can easily recreate it over and over.

  • Send the ribbon design to a local print shop for your own t-shirt or sign designs!

  • Print off cards to send out on their own or along with some ribbons for others to wear and share.


The fight against FGM takes many forms. What we all have in common is the desire to protect women and girls.


Spread the word and share your own DIY ribbon ideas or photos with the hashtag #NoFGM!

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